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Afghan women’s soccer team made it to Canberra

Afghan women's soccer team made it to Canberra

How Afghanistan women’s football teammade it to Australia’s capital, Canberra

Afghanistan women’s football team made it to Australia’s capital, Canberra


A group of women footballers from Afghanistan have found their way to Australia’s capital, Canberra.

And with the help of an Australian football team, the women are hoping to have their own team in the nation’s capital before they return to their home country.

The team was formed a year ago after some women were allowed to play for the Afghan women’s team.

The women who formed the Afghan Women’s Football Team at a meeting in Kabul. ( Supplied: Sajal Gul )

In early July, the Afghan team came together at a meeting where they met at the Afghan team headquarters, ready to start their journey back to the country they call home.

“We all have very good conditions and we are not worried at all,” Nida Abad, one of the players told ABC Online.

“We are so happy and motivated right now.”

The team’s coach, Sajal Gul, told ABC News: “We really need this success in order to prove Afghan women can play football at a high level.

“I have a dream that maybe one day we can play matches in the new arena in my province.

“I am really excited about this achievement.”

Afghan women’s soccer team made it to Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul

They are expecting to do well in the tournament this Sunday.

“Our aim is to reach the semi-final and I think we will be doing pretty good here,” Sajal said.

“The stadium we play in is very small and I don’t know what they will do about the lighting so just keep an eye on us.”

The team was led by Afghan players and the Afghan women’s team.

“We are proud of our Afghan footballers,” Sajal said.

“We all hope that Afghan women will win this tournament and we will be glad to have our

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