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Biden on China: ‘They’re not our enemies’

Biden on China: 'They're not our enemies'

Biden’s weakness on full display in Xi meeting – president no match for China’s tyrant Xi Jinping on Thursday, as his weakness on the world stage exposed at the China visit. Biden also revealed many of his administration’s secrets, as he faced questions about the U.S. special operations raids into Pakistan in November that killed Osama bin Laden.

In his remarks to reporters at the White House, the vice president said he’s going to visit China’s Xi Jinping for the first time this weekend, and will ask the president for assistance on Afghanistan.

“We’ve seen a great change today. What we’ve seen with the growth of China has gone beyond what was possible a generation ago. And I don’t have to tell you – and you can speak to the president, all you have to do is listen to him and a lot of others, including myself, about other countries we’ve got to help,” Biden said.

“With the changes China has undergone, they have to deal with us. And we’ve got to get into a dialogue with the people of China. And China is ready to open itself up to us – frankly we’re ready to help them do that,” he said.

“When I came into office, I remember asking the China experts to look at it, and say how could you possibly deal with China? And they said with great seriousness, the best option is to trade with China. That’s what needs to be talked about,” Biden said.

Biden on China: ‘They’re not our enemies’

But the vice president also took a dig at his own China policy: “I did a lot of things that I thought were great. I asked the China experts, China, where is the best place to do business in the world? And then you come to China, and that’s when you realize China is not our enemy, China is not our adversary, China is not our rival. They’re not. They’re going to be a major market for America,” Biden said.

Biden said that the China policy of his administration was based on the belief that the U.S. shouldn’t meddle in China’s domestic affairs.

And that’s the point: While the U.S. wants a stable China, it wants a stable China on its side, rather than the one that’s in crisis.

But the vice president said that the administration has learned

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