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Days of Our Lives: Season Two Episodes

Days of Our Lives: Season Two Episodes

‘Days of Our Lives’ will honor John Aniston, but character’s fate is up in the air!

As fans await the second season of the hit CBS series, Days of Our Lives, they’ve seen so many new developments in the lives of the characters, that we here at have decided to revisit some of our key moments throughout the first season! From one of the show’s original storylines, to an iconic event that will be shown to all new audiences — check these out and tell us if you think any of them will be featured on the upcoming second season!

When the show returns in September, fans will see the following season-long arc in its entirety for the first time:

“John Aniston, Days of Our Lives alum and ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat” star, dies onscreen on July 19, 2013. Aniston, 60, dies after a massive heart attack at the Beacon Theatre in New York City. His funeral is held on July 20, 2013 at St. Jude’s Church. His family later mourn by creating a fund to raise money for charities.”

The first episode to introduce us to Aniston’s character, played by William B. Davis, shows the heartbroken husband and father, who’s been married to the beautiful, but self-centered, Rebecca Romijn (played by Marisol Nichols), for over six years. While she’s been with Aniston for most of his life, Rebecca’s marriage has been anything but a happy one, with an abusive, alcoholic stepfather, a dead-end relationship with a fellow school friend, and a slew of other secrets between the two.

Over time the couple tries to make each other happy, but as the week ticks on, Rebecca begins to look for love and contentment on her own. In season one, her search for that love takes a dark turn when she discovers a man named John Aniston, played by Davis, who appears to be her husband’s twin.

As the show progresses we see Rebecca get engaged to someone, while still dealing with the pain of her broken marriage, as well as her discovery that she’s still married to someone else and that Aniston could be her new husband’s twin brother

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