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Elon Musk is a billionaire. He is on a mission.

Elon Musk is a billionaire. He is on a mission.

Letters to the Editor: Elon Musk runs Twitter. You don’t like that. So ignore Twitter.

Dear Editor:

If President Donald Trump tells Trump Tower it will be a success, and the president and his administration believe he and his family will get rich, then his company should not only be successful but its stockholders should be happy.

You cannot have it both ways. If a company can be successful and make money, then the shareholders should be happy. But you can’t be successful and do it all by yourself.

In this case, Elon Musk is on a mission. His mission is to send one-trillion-dollar manned space ship into orbit; one mission. He is doing this for the benefit of the shareholders. At no cost. And he is not going to ask for anybody’s permission to do it. His plan could be that successful and he will be rich beyond your wildest dreams. And you will be wealthy.

I know, because I have seen it happen. I have seen Musk succeed where so many others have failed. He and his team have been absolutely fearless and committed. They have come from nothing. They are one of the best and brightest people in the world and they want to make a difference in the world.

They are the kind of people that you want in your corner. In fact, if you want your employees to have an attitude of achievement, then you should be in their corner.

I have been following Elon Musk for more than two decades. I have watched him rise from a young whipper-snapper working at a paper mill in Michigan to a billionaire in his early 30s, who was starting out as a young whipper-snapper, to becoming an automotive executive, to investing in Tesla and Space X, to being one of the biggest investors in the world, to founding the world’s most expensive car, with a value estimated at more than $100 billion.

He has driven

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