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How I’m a Sailor

How I'm a Sailor

Op-Ed: To save the Earth, think like a ‘blue water’ sailor

My friends and colleagues on the east coast could tell you about the many changes that have occurred in our region in their lifetimes — and in mine, too.

I recently traveled through Maine and New England because, as a sailor, I felt like there’s a real story to be told of this region’s water and the challenges it presents.

But first, I should say that being a sailor is just one part of my life, but I hope to write about the role I play in a bigger life picture. After all, I’m writing about our oceans in a larger context, which is about how we can save biodiversity and save our oceans in ways that are not just about saving one life:

I’m writing about ways to build a sustainable future, because we don’t live in a perfect world and we all need to be part of a solution for our future.

I hope to have an impact on the world at large by writing about what I see and what I do — and also by making people aware of the threats we face on the coast and what we can do to manage those threats.

This may sound like an unusual lifestyle for a journalist, but I do both.

I am a journalist, and I’m part of my community, as well.

On top of that, I’m passionate about my work. I’m part of the solution, because I believe that the solutions that we need are the ones that we don’t want to see solved (or, at least, not until we solve the problems), rather than the ways that those solutions are done.

My work at the Maine Sunday Telegram’s “What’s Up Portland” blog and the Huffington Post has really helped my personal story to become a story I can be proud of. In fact, my story is probably why I’m writing this to begin with.

So, I’ve lived and worked in Portland, Maine — and traveled the world (even to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean) — because I love the people, places and things, and I want to do my part to make the world a better place.

Here are a few things I’ve learned about living and working on the coast in a nutshell:

The oceans

You name it, the oceans have it.

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