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Los Angeles coroner’s inquest delayed until May

Los Angeles coroner's inquest delayed until May

Leslie Jordan’s cause of death ‘deferred’ by L.A. coroner pending more investigation, sources say

Los Angeles coroner’s inquest is set for May

Coroner’s department won’t comment on report

By Brian T. Alliot in Los Angeles

The preliminary findings of the Los Angeles coroner’s inquest into the death of the young aspiring rapper Leslie Jordan have been delayed until late last week, sources close to the family and the coroner’s office told The Hollywood Reporter.

The delays have been in part due to the coroners inquest process, which has been embroiled in controversy since late last year. In addition to the potential conflicts of interest at the coroner’s inquest, the process has been plagued by a variety of other problems, including a lack of transparency, the inability to contact family members and the reluctance of family members to speak out. In addition, more than one person said that they were told the inquest would only take about 90 minutes, while others said it would be longer.

“I think we’ve been dealing with some pretty significant issues with the coroner’s inquest, but I think it’s just going to have to wait until we have some time to look at it,” said a source with direct knowledge of the situation. “We feel like we have covered a lot of the questions, and there’s a lot we need to explore. I don’t want to get too far ahead of the inquest before we get more time with it.”

The coroner’s inquest had been scheduled to begin Tuesday morning. The first day was to have seen the inquest of John Howard, the only person who was ever charged with shooting rapper Mac Miller off his mother’s live-in boyfriend’s roof, and the inquest was set to last for just a few hours. However, the coroner’s office has said repeatedly that they will not comment on the record before the inquest is complete.

“They say they will not release information until the inquest is complete

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