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Ontario Chamber of Commerce Calls for More Affordable Housing

Ontario Chamber of Commerce Calls for More Affordable Housing

Council was told security hired to prevent encampments wouldn’t make arrests. One councillor is questioning why city documents say otherwise.

With the summer and holiday season ahead, many Ontarians are making the journey south and settling along the shore.

In many cases, they are settling in with friends or family. A new report shows many are staying with friends or roommates across communities, and just as many are staying with friends, relatives or co-workers.

“I am staying with my roommates,” says a recent report that counted 516,622 residents in a single community near the city of North Bay last year.

“We all live together,” said a North Bay resident.

The city has been working on creating “community-oriented space” by encouraging people to live in a variety of arrangements, such as using a house or apartment or living in a tent or other structure, to make their presence known.

But some residents say the city is ignoring its own strategy when it comes to building more community-oriented spaces.

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is urging the provincial government to take action to increase housing choice and home ownership in Ontario, by creating more affordable housing.

The group is calling on the province to implement a housing affordability strategy that would help residents with the move-ups and move-outs between single-family homes, town houses and condo buildings, and more affordable housing.

Ontario’s housing market has been a hot-button topic in this province for the past two weeks.

The Ontario Chamber’s 2018 Ontario Housing market report showed housing prices have been rising at one annual pace in all the five municipalities in Ontario: Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Kingston, York.

In Hamilton, prices are now up a stunning 36.9 per cent from $5,900 in July, 2014 to $14,200 June 2018.

The city’s homeownership rate has been

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