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Oprah Winfrey ad pounces on Dr. Oz

Oprah Winfrey ad pounces on Dr. Oz

Oprah Winfrey bails on old pal Dr. Oz and endorses John Fetterman in tight Senate race

Oprah Winfrey is going after her old sidekick Dr. Oz in a new campaign ad, urging voters to get behind Republican John Fetterman in the tight Senate race in Delaware. The Dr. Oz-Winfrey spot takes potshots at the celebrity physician for his health-care coverage that only applies to a few people.

Oprah’s ad notes that she is a “healthcare policy icon.”

“John Fetterman, I know, is running a campaign in spite of the fact he has no healthcare plan,” Oprah declares. “John Fetterman has a plan, but we all know a plan is just a promise until it’s time for you to see how your plan has worked.”

Oprah’s ad then takes aim at the Democrat Fetterman, promising that Delaware voters can “beat John Fetterman on healthcare.”

“I’m not just going to be a rubber stamp. I’ll vote for good healthcare, not just because John Fetterman has a good healthcare plan, but because his plan is not just for the good of, what? Only those who have good health insurance, but also for many of the people who don’t have it,” Oprah says.

Oz has been a longtime proponent of the “Single-Payer Healthcare” system and has repeatedly railed against President Obama’s healthcare plan, which involves millions of people purchasing private insurance.

“I’m calling all Delaware voters to stand with the single-payer movement and fight for the kind of universal healthcare that I have voted for since 2004,” he said just months after the Democratic healthcare plan was introduced. “There is no magic bullet, but at its core, and by design, the single-payer system recognizes that the government is the patient, and, therefore, the patient is the patient. This, of course, is the difference between single-payer and the Affordable Care Act.”

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