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Sheriff Villanueva is the man for the job

Sheriff Villanueva is the man for the job

Letters to the Editor: ‘Measure A (for Alex?)’ — Sheriff Villanueva’s legacy in L.A. County

L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has been a hero for the sake of the community for a long time.

He has helped improve the safety of our communities and brought law enforcement to the forefront, something many have forgotten or have not even realized. The sheriff himself has said he has no ego.

He has helped to end violence, especially violent crime in our communities. While we may disagree on issues, I believe he is the man for the job.

Our communities want a county sheriff who works hard for the community and works for the good of our residents and our residents’ safety.

Sheriff Villanueva’s legacy will live on in L.A. County and will be felt for years to come.


I want to acknowledge the sacrifice made for our communities in our Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

In the beginning, he worked as an undercover narcotics agent and was known as a “snitch.” After one of his assignments, he was charged with falsifying police reports, but through the support of his family, he got the charges dropped. He was never arrested and served as Sheriff of Los Angeles from 1996 to 2010 and has now retired.

He was one of many “bad apple” sheriffs that came to our community and helped to clean up the bad apples.

Over 14 years I supported the sheriff, as he worked as a deputy for me and a few other agencies. Once he was elected Sheriff in 2010, he was instrumental in working with L.A. County Public Works to clean up an area known as the “Little Italy” that was a crime and violence hot bed. He worked with the neighborhood association, neighbors, residents and even local police to clean up streets and give the area a face it was not accustomed to.

The residents of this community and the Sheriff’s Department took notice.

Today, L.A. County is an award-winning city. The city is on the verge of becoming an international hub in innovation in the fields of technology, research and development, and education.

Sheriff Villanueva has always worked for the community and for making the community a better place to live.

He has worked hard for everyone and is a great example of what we want to be.

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