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The Crop Top Trend

The Crop Top Trend

Who Wears Crop Tops to the Office?

You might think someone who works in an office like no other would be all about fashion, but no — office fashion is decidedly on-and-off-the-grid. It may be more on-and-off-the-grid than you think, especially when it comes to a crop top. You might think that office workers wouldn’t know what a crop top is, but if they work in a building that’s connected to the Internet, they have an e-mail address.

A crop top, sometimes spelled crop-top, is an abbreviated version of a sports bra or a padded bra. The term originated in the 1950s as a shortening of “crop panty,” which was a garment worn by female dancers and performers as they danced.

The term was popularized in the early 1970s, when women started wearing padded bras to the office. The fashion was soon imitated by men wearing padded bras. (That’s why people joke about those two words: “Padded” and “Bra”.) The term cropped-top, a shortened version of “crop panty,” was the most widely used nickname for the popular trend when it was first used in the mid-1970s.

It’s just a joke. The fact is, a crop top is like a padded bra — a bra that’s made to look less skimpy on top, but one that stays on all day long. The padded bra trend went pretty far during the 1970s, but the crop top caught on during the 1980s.

The crop top trend was the trend of the 1980s for high-cut, low-cut, full-bust, and demi-cups. It was the trend of the 1980s for high-cut and full-bust. It was the trend that would come to be known as “crop tops.”

The crop tops were like padded bras of the 1980s, but they were also like low-cut and demi-cups, the trend of the 1980s that would come to be known as “crop tops.” The crop tops (also called “crop-top” or “crop top”) were a trend of the

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