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The Democratic Party Is Waiting For The Last Minute to Send Out a Good Muffin

The Democratic Party Is Waiting For The Last Minute to Send Out a Good Muffin

Greg Gutfeld: Democrats should have run a ‘stale muffin’ instead of Fetterman

The Democratic Party leadership should have run a last minute comeback at the state-level House of Representatives district in this past election for governor. They should have sent a message to the voters that if they thought the race was over, they needn’t get more involved with the ballot box. They had a choice: they could have run a stale muffin.

Instead, they did the right thing. Because they saw what the right message would have been — and even what the wrong message would have been. Fetterman was a flop and could not be trusted. His opponent, Dannel Malloy, was a moderate who could not be trusted. They would have done better had they sent the kind of message that people wanted to hear: that the race is over, and you can start over.

By the way, there will be a Republican challenge to Malloy for the nomination, and they will run another stale muffin instead of a good one. They are waiting until the last minute to send out a message — that if the race is over, they don’t need to worry about it anymore.

In the end, they wasted a potential opportunity to turn this race around. It will take a lot more than an embarrassing loss to send a message that says, “It’s time to move on.”

We’ll never know what if would have happened if Republicans in the state-level House races — if they followed the right path, instead of the wrong path. So, next time, let’s just hope both parties send out a good muffin, instead of a stale one.

And, if you just watched the latest “Morning Joe” with Joe Scarborough, there’s lots of evidence that a stale muffin would have done the Democratic Party a lot of good.

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