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The Hawaiian Celebration

The Hawaiian Celebration

Is Responsible Travel to Hawaii Fun?

We were recently invited to Hawaii as the guests of an elder family friend who has a vacation home located on the south shore of Oahu. A visit to Hawai’i was in their plans for a long time. One of the things her parents brought was a friend on their honeymoon who happens to be an avid hula dancer. She took her first few lessons and loved it. The next thing we knew she had become a hula master.

She has had the rest of our family with her through our travels there and back. We’ve brought her to several hula festivals, taught her a few lessons, and brought her to a hula class last night for the first time.

The event was held at the Waimea YMCA, where they hold various events. One of the main events was the celebration of the Hawaiian culture and traditions. The evening started with our young hula master doing the hula for a few of the more senior members of the family. She looked so graceful and graceful and graceful as she did the elaborate hula for them. It was quite entertaining.

When there weren’t senior members of the family in attendance the hula master sat down for some traditional Hawaiian food. The most popular item at their restaurant was fish.

After the meal the party really got going with the hula master. She was accompanied by her husband and a couple of hula students. They sang songs that were accompanied by the traditional instruments, which we learned while there.

One of the songs came to me first. It was a beautiful waltz which featured the Hawaiian instruments we had learned. The song ended with one of the instruments being played in a solo. It ended with two people of the group holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes, and making out. They both sang in unison the song that ended the evening.

We watched the other couples with friends do hula dances that were quite beautiful. We were impressed with their hula moves. After the short intermission the hula master gave a brief talk. She spoke about being a dancer and how you got into the world of hula, and how you got out.

It was interesting, but not completely surprising to some of us. She talked about how when she was younger she didn’t really know what she wanted to do in her life

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