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The Twins’ Live Show

The Twins’ Live Show

Mistaken identity and making history: Life on Tour for the identical Højgaard twins on their European tour

There is a moment, perhaps in the autumn of 1988, when a group of friends and family members sit around the supper table. The conversation turns to Højgaard, the two identical twins who are in the process of recording what has become one of their most celebrated albums. The subject of the conversation is the twin’s debut album, “Højgaard”, which contained their first single, “All That.”

A long, dark and stormy night has past, the evening of their European tour, and the two have set up their equipment in front of their bedroom. Two turntables, one containing the turntable that is currently being used with a stereo microphone, the other containing their vinyl, have been connected to a playback device.

The other turntable is used to play the 45 rpm record, and the other to be used with a stereo microphone. The cassette tape is being fed into their record-player. One of the twins asks the other twin, “Is that all?” to which he replies, “All that?”

“I know right – all of it,” replies Højgaard. He is excited and full of energy as he begins to sing as he prepares for a performance, “I want the night to go on forever.”

For the next twenty minutes he sings and sings, the lyrics flowing effortlessly and effortlessly. “There they are, looking up at me from the table, waiting to see their Højgaard.” The crowd goes wild.

Later on in the night, after the twins have finished performing, I ask Højgaard about their live show.

“It was the audience,” Højgaard responds, “that caused that.”

“What caused it?” I ask.

“The audience,” he says. “We are a two-man stage act – one man singing, the other playing the guitar,

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