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The world’s best surfers hit the waves in the UK this month

The world’s best surfers hit the waves in the UK this month

Surfing in Britain? It’s Chilly but Brilliant and Widening in Appeal.

It might be cold outside but it’s actually brilliant and widening in appeal.

Surfers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa can now enjoy a wave that rivals that of the Americas.

The world’s best surfers were at last able to hit the surf in the UK in the form of the Bournemouth International waves this month.

‘It was a fabulous wave,’ says Alex Morton, one of the world’s most renowned world-class surfers who has represented Great Britain on an international level since the 1970s.

‘A lot of surfers have been waiting for this year for ages because we used to have a swell that would hit in winter and blow over the whole summer.

‘It was good to have it during the first week of May.

‘There will be more waves like this in the future. They are getting bigger, bigger and bigger and they are getting better,’ he added.

Alex Morton is currently ranked number two on the world surfing rankings. (Image: Daily Mail)

The Briton was there at the epic event and said it was the best time of his entire career.

‘It was a great time to be at. I don’t think at any stage have I ever experienced a better swell. It was amazing to see that and to be able to surf on it was special.

‘I have surfed this wave before in the past but it was a different wave. The conditions were different – when you are standing in the beach it could be windy but when you are a foot or two out on the ocean it is calm.

‘You can just stand there and have the biggest set of waves you have ever been on and it was like that today.

‘The conditions were perfect. It was a small set with a really big swell and it was just so, so consistent and so predictable,’ he added.

Alex Morton also made it clear that, despite living just a two hour drive away from

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