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Three Ways a “Potent Storm” Could Put California at Risk

Three Ways a “Potent Storm” Could Put California at Risk

Cool temperatures in Southern California could give way to ‘potent storm’ by weekend

On Wednesday, a “potent storm” is expected to bring rain on southern regions. But not before California suffers its third straight day of scorching temperatures.

It’s going to be a close one.

The forecast from the National Weather Service calls for some of the hottest temperatures since records began in 1888, peaking at a record of 83 degrees on Friday.

“Right now it is the warmest since Oct. 12,” said National Weather Service meteorologist John Parker. “The conditions don’t look quite right. But we’ll know more on Friday.”

Here are three ways the “potent storm” could pose a danger to Southern California:

• Flash floods. With a record heat wave and several days of inversion, storms can happen in rapid succession with little warning, resulting in fast-moving rivers.

• Wildfires. The weather service said Thursday there is a chance for “potential,” or non-natural, fires.

• Severe thunderstorms. This is especially a concern for L.A. because the National Weather Service has issued a rare “be prepared for severe storms” alert for the week.

Satellite images show a possible wildfire along the northern Santa Monica Mountains.

“I’ve been taking a lot of calls from residents about wildfires,” said Parker, with a chuckle. “I’ve had my share of calls. Fortunately, not many of them.”

The agency is urging residents along the coast of Los Angeles and Ventura to prepare for severe and dangerous weather Thursday and Friday.

“On Monday, Oct. 14, residents should know to expect moderate storms with rain showers, thunderstorms and severe winds up to 40 mph. On Monday

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