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Why Asian-Americans are admitted to top colleges

Why Asian-Americans are admitted to top colleges

Letters to the Editor: The ‘open secret’ of anti-Asian bias in college admissions

What’s worse: that colleges are now admitting Asian Americans at a faster rate than other racial groups, or that we’re now admitting these same students in the first place?

First of all, this is a joke. The Asian-American admission rate is now about 25%, and that’s in the midst of a huge demographic shift, largely among the Asian-American population.

Let’s get the facts straight: the Asian-American admission rate has not risen more than 10,000 per year over the last three decades even as the Asian population in the US has grown by about 20% per year.

The Asian-American admissions rate is currently 15.3 percent. Of course, there have always been white students admitted to colleges as far back as the first colleges, but their admission rate has been around 2 percent. For an Asian-American student, we’re talking about a much higher admission rate.

The only way to know for sure is to see how many of a certain race are admitted to colleges. There has never been a single documented case of a white student admitted to a top college because of affirmative action, even though affirmative action has been illegal in admissions since Supreme Court case of Grutter v. Bollinger of 1976.

White students have been admitted to top colleges because they have an outstanding academic record (which was never the case for Asian-Americans).

This article should be entitled: “College admissions’secretly under review’ following admissions scandal” because it’s not just Asian-Americans who are being admitted at a rate that outstrips the overall rate for all races. The rate at elite colleges for white students is already higher than the rate for Asian-Americans at those institutions, and that is only because of the large number of white students admitted as a result of affirmative action.

The real “secret” that has been kept from the public is that Asian-American students are being admitted at a higher

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